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Creating customers and jobs

Learn how to create customers/jobs and the requirements before you can do either of those things
Written by Mony
Updated 10 months ago

Before you can create New Customers and New Jobs associated with those customers we need to define operational hours, max number of appointments you can take in one day, arrival window of time, and finally we need to define your pricing for your Products: One time cleaning, bi weekly cleaning, monthly, and so on.

  1. Let's set up the products (please refer to this article for more in depth detail) - set up pricing and activate the Per Bathroom/Bedroom products, the Base Pricing, and One time cleaning products.

  2. Let's create a customer - pretty straightforward - just go to Customer - New Customer.

  3. Let's set the operational hours (please refer to this article for more in depth detail), max # of appointments you can take in a day, arrival and window times under Settings - General. After that we can create Jobs under our Customers!

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