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Assigning jobs in scheduling

Learn how to assign jobs to cleaners from our scheduling/calendar view
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Updated 5 months ago

Assigning Jobs in Scheduling

You are able to assign maids to jobs through the Scheduling function.

1. Click on the Scheduling icon from the left hand side menu

2. Select your view from the top right: Monthly or Weekly or Daily

3. Find the day, or days, you wish to assign jobs for

4. Click on the “Assign” text or the "person icon" (to reassign) on the job block you are assigning to

5. From the available maid/team from the pop up box select the maid(s) you want

6. Click 'Confirm'

7. Done!

*Ready? Now learn how to send the assigned jobs to your cleaner/team via email

Color Legend:

  • Blue = Assigned
  • Dark Grey = Unassigned

Our Scheduling function is made from proprietary software (in-house) and is completely dynamic. Each job that is booked through our online checkout process or manually created will immediately be displayed on the Schedule for you. You can choose from a Weekly view or a Monthly view or Daily View.

In each view you have the option of Assigning Maids and clicking into the Job for Job Details. Changes made to the Job Details, such as assigning a maid or changing totals/days/adding extras etc., will be reflected on the Schedule.

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