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How to enter job hours/duration

Learn how to enter the job hours/duration for a job
Written by Mony
Updated 5 months ago

A Maid user and Admin/Manager can both enter the job hours/duration. Both ways are different - here they are:

A. As an Admin/Manager:

1. Click Edit Job

2. Change the Start/Stop times:

3. The hours will be reflected on Job duration

4. You can also use the Start/Stop timer to set the Job duration

5. The Start/Stop timer will automatically override anything entered when creating or editing a job

B. As a Maid/Cleaner (mobile view):

1. Click into the already existing job

2. Click on 'Start timer' when starting

3. Click on 'Stop timer' when done

*The job hours/duration on the job details page will be overwritten with the job duration hours put in from the Maid.

*The job hours/duration will count towards the hourly pay (Payroll Reporting) for the Maid.

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