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How to enter job hours/duration

Learn how to enter the job hours/duration for a job
Written by Mony
Updated 4 weeks ago

A Maid user and Admin/Manager can both enter the job hours/duration. Both ways are different - here they are:

A. As an Admin/Manager:

1. Click into the existing Job (you can enter the 'Job Duration' at job creation too)

2. Click into 'Job Duration'

3. Enter the hours worked

4. Click 'Confirm' and the job will update

B. As a Maid/Cleaner (mobile view):

1. Click into the already existing job

2. Click on 'Job Duration'

3. Add your hours

4. Click 'Confirm'

*The job hours/duration on the job details page will be overwritten with the job duration hours put in from the Maid.

*The job hours/duration will count towards the hourly pay (Payroll Reporting) for the Maid.

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