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Creating extras

Learn how to create extras through our pricing module
Written by Mony
Updated 5 months ago

Creating Extras

  1. Click on the Pricing icon on the left side
  2. In the top right of the page click on the “Add Extra” button
  3. Upload a photo (will be displayed for online checkout) - not required
  4. Add the title for the Extra
  5. Add a description of the Extra
  6. Add the price of the Extra
  7. Set to “Active” in order to display
  8. If there is a multiple of this Product select “Yes” on Multiple Qty
  9. If Multiple Qty is set to “Yes” determine how many
  10. Click “Save” button at the bottom right

Maidily comes standard with 11 “Extras” that will be offered at the checkout process. If they are set to “Active” they will show on the on the checkout form. 

Use Per Bedroom and Per Bathroom to set your pricing for each. Use the Base Pricing to determine a set amount you want to charge and start from in order to get a price for a Onetime cleaning.

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