How to process a refund for a customer

Learn how to refund your customers & send a refund receipt
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You can refund customers and send a refund receipt in just a few clicks.

The refund button in the top right corner will ONLY appear if the job status is 'Paid'

How to refund a customer & send a refund receipt:

  • Navigate to the job that you need to refund
  • Click on 'Refund' top right

  • Fill out the refund amount
    • You can do partial refunds

  • Click on 'Confirm'
  • The job status will change to 'Refunded' if a full refund was issued or 'Partially Refunded' if a partial refund was issued

  • Click 'Send refund receipt' to send the refund receipt to the customer


  • Giving a partial refund will allow to refund the customer again until a full refund has been issued
  • You can see the refund receipt email in Settings -> Booking forms & Communication -> Email communications -> Refund receipt
  • Refunds go back to the payment method selected or showing under the payment details section

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