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Top Categories

💵 Jobs

Charge customers, invoicing, cancelation fees, create recurring jobs, delete/duplicate jobs + more

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🔌 Integrations

Booking forms/customer portal/QuickBooks/Stripe/text reminders/MailChimp/AirBnb/iCal + more

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🏷️ Products/Pricing

Add recurring services, sq/ft/m pricing, extras, custom service types + tax

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Other Categories

⚙️ Settings

Geofencing, payment hold, operating days/hours, integrations, email templates, logs + more

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🧮 Quotes

Learn how to create, edit, send quotes, & reminders to your customers

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📆 Scheduling

Calendar sync, drag/drop, map view, quick job edit, assign technicians/teams + more

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💰 Affiliate Program

Learn how to earn 25% monthly recurring commission per referral + earn bonuses

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⭐ Feedback

Collect feedback and/or reviews from your customers

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🎯 The Maidily Workflow

Learn how to use Maidily by following the video

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🚀 New Feature Roadmap

New Maidily features we are working on that will be out soon

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📱Maidily Mobile Application

Download our mobile application from the Apple Store and Google Play Store

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🌏 Multiple Locations

Add multiple locations (no limits)

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🛠️ Troubleshooting/FAQs

Password reset, login, credit card payment, booking page issues, and scheduling conflicts

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👥 Customers

Add/delete/edit customers, internal customer notes, attachments, analytics

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🧙‍♀️ Technicians/Teams

Create/edit/delete technicians and teams, set permissions, availability, username/password set up

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💲 Discounts

Learn how to create and add in discounts/coupons to jobs (applies to checkout page)

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📑 Reports

Payroll reporting, sales reporting, customer reporting, tax reporting, invoice reports + more

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📝 Tasks

Create internal tasks, tag users, set reminders + more

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