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Take a look at our roadmap below - please keep in mind that while we are working on the below features 24/7 there are many other small updates that we work on and deploy along the way.

Please note that features are subject to change depending on priority and circumstances surrounding the most current state of the Maidily environment.

Roadmap Feature Statuses:

  • To be released soon: Features that have been approved by QA and are due to be released soon after 1 final check
  • Development in progress: Features that are still in the development phase and/or in QA
  • To do: Features that are still in the UI/UX design phase
  • 3rd party dependent: Features that depend on 3rd companies that usually involve integrations
The roadmap will be updated weekly.

To be released soon:

  • Ability to set multiple text and email customer reminder notifications
  • Assigning multiple technicians on a job that are not on a team
  • New invoice design
  • Ability to create a quote (entire quotation flow Quote -> Jobs)
  • Geofencing (geolocation) for zip/postal codes for online bookings\

Development in progress:

  • PayPal integration for payment processing
  • Integration with Make ( for complete automation
  • 2 way texting (free) between techs, admins, managers, and customers
  • 2 way phone calls (free) with recordings
  • Ability to rearrange the sections on the booking page and 'Get a quote' page
  • Ability to drag & drop fields on the booking page and 'Get a quote' page
  • Ability to create new custom fields on the booking page
  • Ability to create new custom fields on the 'Get a quote' page
  • Upgraded 'Service Type' functionality to allow complete customizability of pricing

To do:

  • integration for payment processing
  • Route optimization, planning, and mileage tracking
  • Internal chat for users
  • Ability to create customized 'Products' (frequencies for cleanings)
  • Update analytics for 'unpaid' jobs on Dashboard
  • Updated Sales chart to compare analytics (revenue) for different time periods
    • Line chart format
  • Seen/unseen status for quote emails sent to customers
    • So that you are aware if your customers have seen or not seen your quote email

3rd party dependent:

  • Zapier integration - waiting for Zapier to approve our integration

Last updated on November 14th, 2022

Do you have a feature request? We would LOVE to hear from you! Please email us at with your requests! 

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