Add multiple locations

Learn how to add multiple locations for your business
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A Maidily account is required in order to add more locations.

Only Admin profiles have access to all locations (Managers and Techs only see their assigned location)

Here's how to add more locations:

  • Click into the current city of the account your logged into at the top left corner

  • Click on 'Add new location' from the dropdown

  • Select your country and proceed to the next step

  • Fill out the fields

The last field will require you to name your location

  • Click on the 'Jump in' button
  • Cycle through your locations by clicking the top left corner

Additional information:

  • There is no limit on the number of locations you can create
  • Your subscription tab will not be present in other locations - it will only exist in the parent location
  • Your user limit applies across the board for all locations
  • Each location will have its own separate booking form

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