Payment preauthorization

Learn how to place a hold on payment (preauthorize)
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Turning on Payment preauthorization will automatically place a hold on any new jobs being creating inside of Maidily or any new jobs that come in through the our online booking form.

  • The hold on the customer's card for the total amount will last for 7 days
  • After 7 days the hold will expire
  • You will have the option to place the hold again after expiration

How to turn on payment preauthorization:

Turn on Payment preauthorization from Settings -> General - Booking and Pricing section:

Pre-auth text change on booking form:

Turning on payment preauthorization will show this text on the booking forms:

  • If a hold fails to be placed on the customer's card at checkout a Preauthorize payment failure message will appear for them - the booking will not be submitted.
  • To change the default preauthorization text on the booking form, at the bottom, visit our help article: Changing the checkout page payment details text

Payment preauthorization appearing in the job details section:

When payment preauthorization is activated you will see a new section on your job details page called 'Preauthorize payment': 

  • 'Preauthorize payment' status will automatically be set to 'Active' for any automatically created or manually created jobs
  • Once the job is charged the status will change to 'Released' and funds will be released to you

  • Changing the job total OR switching cards will reset the 'Preauthorize payment' button
  • When creating a job - if the automatic hold fails you will see a message appear and you will not be able to create the job using the selected card for payment

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