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How to use the Maidily mobile app

Learn how to generate a payroll report, clock in/out, and view customers and jobs
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As a Technician logged into the Maidily mobile application you will have the ability  view your own:

  • Customers (if you are assigned to jobs)
  • Jobs (if you are assigned to jobs)
  • Payroll report
  • Owed pay
  • Schedule 
  • Profile
Technicians can only view their own (they have to be assigned to the job or be on a team that is assigned to the job) schedules, customers, and jobs - they cannot view the customers, jobs, or schedules of technicians

As a Technician logged into the Maidily mobile application you will also have the ability to:

  • Request time off
  • Clock in/out from jobs

Home screen:

You can see your 'Total owed pay' on the home screen. This is based on your pay rate that is set up be an administrator/manager:

You can see your assigned jobs for 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'Tomorrow', and 'This Week'

  • Clicking the customer's name will take you directly into the job details page of that job:

Job details page:

Clocking in/out:
You can Start/Stop your working timer from the job details page of any job by pressing the Start/Stop timer buttons:

  • You can find information about the service in the job details screen (Extras, Checklist items, Type of service, Size):

My profile:

Time off request:
You can submit a time off request form by navigating to your (click on 'More' in the bottom right corner of the screen) profile and filling out the request form:

  • Click on 'Start a new request' and fill out the form:

You are required to select an approver for time off requests


You can view your schedule by clicking on 'Scheduling' from the bottom menu:

  • You can filter through a 'Daily', 'Weekly', 'Monthly' view
  • Arrival time is displayed in the bottom right corner of the job block

My profile:

You can view your profile and make changes to it by clicking on 'More' (in the bottom right corner) -> View profile:

Payroll report:

You can click on Reports -> Payroll report to view your pay details:

  • Fill out the details of the report
  • Click 'Run Report'

  • Payroll report will generate:

Have more questions about how Maidily works for technicians? Email us at help@maidily.com

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