How to create a cleaning checklist for each job

You can create a checklist for a job or use the defaulted checklist from Settings - learn how it works
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You can create/edit a default checklist to be created automatically for every new job from Settings.

You can also create a customized checklist per each job in the job itself.

You can create to-do items and categorize them in the checklist by creating categories.

We will cover 2 things below:

  • How to create/edit a customized checklist for a job
  • How to create/edit categories

How to create/edit a customized checklist for a job:

  • Turn 'Use Default checklist' to 'Off' (disables the default checklist)

  • The checklist that you create for that specific job will be used for that customer on any recurring cleanings
  • You can create to-do items for your job specific checklist by clicking on 'Add item'

  • Fill out the name field (required)
  • Select the 'Required' checkbox to make it required

  • You can add an image
  • Select from any created categories to categorized the item
    • You can create a category to select from by clicking 'New category'

  • All required to-do items are required in order to set the Job status to 'Completed'
  • Completion of a required to-do item can be made by the assigned tech/team, admin, or manager

How to create/edit categories:

  • To categorize a to-do item select a category from 'Categories' selection

  • Add a new category by clicking the 'New category'

  • Fill out the name

  • Click 'Add category'
  • You will now be able to select that category in the categories section

  • Categorized to-do items will appear in checklist section in jobs under the relevant category

How to to edit to-do items:

  • Edit/delete to-do items using the 2 buttons to the right

How to 'Complete' or check off a to-do list item:

  • To 'Complete' a to-do item click on the square box icon to the left of the to-do list item name

  • Once a to-do item has been 'Completed' the status will change from 'Incomplete' (yellow) to 'Complete' (green)


  • If 'Use Default Checklist' is set to 'On' the default checklist in Settings will always be used

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