How to enter the job duration

Learn how to enter and change the job duration for a job as an Admin or Manager
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Updated 1 year ago

An Admin or Manager profile has the ability to change the job duration based on edits done to the Start/Stop timer.

A Technician user does impact the job duration time.

As an Admin/Manager you can edit the job duration from 2 different places:

  • Job Edit/Creation
  • Directly on the Job Details Page

Job Edit/Creation

1. Change the Start/Stop times from the pop out side drawer for Job Edit/Creation

2. The hours will be reflected in the Job duration field

The Job Duration is also displayed on the Job Details Page

Directly on the Job Details Page

1. Click into the Start/Stop timer fields directly on the job details page

2. Click 'Save'

3. The job duration will automatically update on the Job Details Page

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