Text message communication templates

Take a look at our text message templates used for customer communications
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Selection of a phone number is required prior to sending any text message notifications to your customers

In Settings -> Booking forms & Communications -> Text communications you can find 3 customizable text message templates:

1. Customer receipt text

2. Booking reminder text

3. ETA text

  • You can customize the text for each template

  • You can choose to personalize the text messages using the different variable fields we have

  • You can preview what the text message will look like (can vary from device to device) on the right side

  • You can send yourself a test text message by clicking on the 'Send a test text message' text

  • An integration with Twilio is required in order to test
  • ETA Text uses an approximate calculation to determine the distance between the technician from the time that it is pressed in relation to the customers address. It does not account for traffic, wrecks, closed roads, or vehicles being stationary

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