Encountering glitches and/or errors

Did you encounter a glitch or an error? Is there something not working properly inside of Maidily?
Written by Mony
Updated 10 months ago

If you encounter any errors or glitches inside of Maidily like:

  • Numbers not loading up
  • Pictures glitching
  • 404 or 501 error pages
  • Pages not loading
  • Credit card payments not processing
  • Jobs not recreating for the next service date if they are recurring
  • Not being able to update your account information
  • Not being able to save a new customer or a new job
  • Not being able to edit a customer or a job
Please email us directly at help@maidily.com

Our support process:

  • A support ticket will be created for you automatically once an email is sent to help@maidily.com
  • You will receive an automatic email notifying you of the opened ticket
  • Someone from our team will reach out to you as soon as possible
  • The ticket will be used to track communication around the issue/question
  • Once the issue is resolved the ticket will be marked as 'Resolved'
  • You will receive an email once the ticket is marked as 'Resolved'
  • 48-72 hours after marking the ticket as 'Resolved' the ticket will move to 'Closed'
  • You can reopen any ticket by replying back to the emails
Please keep your ticket replies tied to 1 email thread (do not send multiple emails)
Our support works 24/7 to support you and we always have eyes on the tickets

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