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Checkout page not loading from website

'Book Now' button or booking calculator not leading to checkout page
Written by Mony
Updated 1 month ago

If you have installed our booking calculator and checkout page on your website (we work on any website) you have to make sure that the 'Booking Page URL' is filled out in Maidily in order to have the booking calculator linked to your checkout.

  • Without having the 'Booking Page URL' filled out clicking the booking calculator will NOT lead to the checkout page on your website

The 'Booking Page URL' field can be found in:

  • Settings -> Booking forms & Communications -> Checkout form -> Booking Page URL

  • Paste the URL or destination of where the booking (checkout) page from Maidily will exist into the URL box:

  • The checkout page typically has a URL extension of /book or /book-now but these are subject to be different based on liking

Need more help with figuring out why the checkout page doesn't load? Email us at help@maidily.com

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