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Encountering glitches and/or errors?

Did you encounter a glitch or an error? Is there something not working properly inside of Maidily?
Written by Mony
Updated 7 months ago

If you encounter any errors or glitches inside of Maidily like:

  • Numbers not loading up
  • Pictures glitching
  • 404 or 501 error pages
  • Pages not loading
  • Credit card payments not processing
  • Jobs not recreating for the next service date if they are recurring
  • Not being able to update your account information
  • Not being able to save a new customer or a new job
  • Not being able to edit a customer or a job

Please let us know immediately and we will take care of it for you! Just chat us up through our website chat or email us directly at help@maidily.com!

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