AirBnb/VRBO/TripAdvisor iCal calendar integration

Learn how to easily sync your Airbnb/VRBO/TripAdvisor (any iCal) calendar for automated job creation
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Updated 8 months ago

You can sync your Airbnb/VRBO/TripAdvisor calendars (any iCal calendar would work!) with Maidily in our Integration section in Settings.

When synced Maidily will automatically create jobs at your specified check-out (service) time - the jobs will correlate with your reservations. So if someones due to check out on September 15th, 2021 - if you have your calendar synced and you have the check-out time for that customer set to 11:30AM - a job will automatically be created for September 15th, 2021 at 11:30AM.

Maidily will continue creating jobs for that customer based on your actual reservations with the check-out time always being whatever you set your service time to.

Here's how to do it (make sure to have your customer already created in Maidily):

1. Scroll to the iCal integration section in Settings -> Integrations -> iCal

2. Click on 'Add'

3. Search for the Customer you want these jobs to be created under

4. Add your 'Service time' - this should correspond with the reservations check-out time as per your customer's Airbnb/VRBO/TripAdvisor policy on their listings page.

5. Paste in your calendar URL (iCal link) from your Airbnb/VRBO/TripAdvisor customer

6. Click 'Save'

  • Jobs will now automatically be created for this customer based on reservations from the synced calendar. You will have to assign them to a cleaner/team
  • You will receive booking confirmation emails
  • Blocked days from the Airbnb/ calendar will not show up in your Scheduling view in Maidily but are taken into consideration

The Customer profile in Maidily will show a calendar sync success graphic if the iCal calendar has successfully been linked:

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