Set up multiple text and/or email customer reminders

Set up multiple text and email customer reminders to be automatically sent
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You can set up multiple reminders to automatically be sent to customers for their upcoming services. You can set up additional automations - learn about them here.

Reminders can be either:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Text & Email

How to set up multiple reminders:

  • Navigate to Settings -> Booking forms & Communication -> Customer reminder email

  • Toggle the 'Send job reminders automatically' switch to 'Yes'

  • Choose if you would like to send reminders through email, text, or both
  • Choose when you would like the reminder to go out (based on the service date and arrival time)
  • Click 'Add more+' to add additional reminders

  • Make sure to fill out the new reminder fields out as you add them

  • You can delete the last reminder section by clicking 'Delete'

  • 'Save'


  • Make sure to set the reminders to different dates and time for them to trigger

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