Paid invoice notifications

Learn about the email and push notifications you will receive from a paid invoice
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If a customer pays an invoice sent from Maidily by credit/debit card you will receive 2 internal notifications alerting you to the payment:

  • Email notification
  • Push (app) notification

You can edit or make basic changes to the email notification from Settings.

Here's how to edit the paid invoice email notification:

  • Go to Settings -> Booking forms & Communications -> Email communications -> Paid invoice

  • You can preview the email

  • You choose to turn On/Off the email notification by toggling the 'Enable email notification field'
  • You can choose to upload a logo
  • You can also choose not to show the logo by toggling the 'Show company logo' field to 'No'

  • You can use the hyperlink directly on the email to view the job details
    • Must be logged into Maidily

Here's a preview of the email and push notifications:

  • Email

  • Push (iOS/Android)


  • Paid invoice notifications ONLY work when the customer pays the invoice via credit/debit card
  • Customers can ONLY pay the invoice via credit/debit card if your Maidily account is integrated with Stripe or Square for online payments
  • Push notifications come in automatically

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