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How to create custom pricing

Create completely custom jobs using custom line items
Written by Mony
Updated 5 months ago

You can create a custom job (custom pricing) using our custom line item functionality. While this custom line function can be used to create an invoice it is not a requirement.

You can use our custom line item function to create completely custom jobs by zeroing out all prices in the job 'Totals' section on job edit/create.

Here's how to do it:

  • Create the job with a 0 financial value (you do not have to select 'Invoice' as the payment method
  • Click on 'Add custom line item'

  • You can create multiple custom line items that will make up the job

  • All custom line items will appear under the 'Payment details' section on the right

  • All custom line items will appear in the 'Job details' section in the middle if you scroll down

  • Custom line items will transfer over to the next job if the job is recurring
  • You can charge a customers credit card directly using the custom line items or send an invoice for pay
  • Custom line items are reflected on email templates
  • Use this powerful functionality with no limit - create ANY type of job you want!

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