Do techs count as users?

Learn why techs are counted as users in Maidily
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When you first log into Maidily you will be logged in as an administrator (profile type).

Technicians ARE counted as users in Maidily
  • You will need to create a new technician, or repurpose one of the dummy technicians that already exist, when you first log into Maidily in order to assign them to jobs
  • To see what the maximum number of users you are allowed to have across all location check your Maidily plan
Inactive technicians STILL count as users (they will count towards your user limit)

We have 3 different profile types in Maidily:

1. Admin

2. Manager

3. Technician

Each profile has different permissions

  • Admin

  • Manager

  • Technician


  • If you need more User licenses just go to Settings -> Subscription and click on the next plan up!
  • ONLY technicians can be assigned to jobs
  • ONLY technicians can receive job assignment emails

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Confused on what counts as a user and what doesn't? Email us at help@maidily - we're there 24/7 for support

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