How to set up pricing: Standardized

Standardized pricing (flat rate) is great for streamlining and simplifying your business process
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We have 2 ways that you can officially price: Hourly and Standardized

You will be required to choose a pricing type each time you 1st create a job

Standardized pricing basics:

  • Standardized pricing will require pricing to be set up for Base price and rooms. You can combine standardized pricing with square feet/meter ranges, and service types.
  • The pricing for Base Price and all room products serve as a default price for all subscriptions. The price can be changed in each individual subscription.

  • You can change the base price + all room pricing for each subscription by clicking into the subscription you want to edit

  • The 'Base Price' for your services will NOT be shown to your customers
  • Your one time cleaning price is made up of your Base price + Room pricing.
    For example:
    • Your Daily Cleaning Base Price is $90.00
    • Your per Bathroom rate is $13
    • Your per Bedroom rate is $13
    • Total rate is $116.00 ($13 + $13 + $90)
  • All standardized pricing will be reflected on the online booking page

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