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How to set up pricing: Hourly

Set up Hourly pricing - jump in here to learn what that means
Written by Mony
Updated 7 months ago

We have 2 ways that you can officially price (you can send custom Invoices outside of that): Hourly and Standardized

You can choose how you would like to price from Settings -> General - Pricing section:

Once that's enabled you can set your company's 'Default Hourly Rate' - this number will be used to calculate totals for every job (you can edit the hourly rate on the job itself):

Set your rate once you click into 'Company Hourly Rate' - this rate will be used as a default for every job.

You can set the hours and rate on every job:

Click into either 'Job duration' or 'Rate' to edit them:

All of our email notification templates will be converted to show hourly fields:


Bedrooms and Bathrooms will have no impact on pricing - you can still choose to select Extras.

Employees can enter 'Job Duration' by logging into Maidily, clicking on the Job they want to edit, and clicking the Job Duration button (mobile friendly).

*This will update the job duration on the job itself and will change the total if the previously entered rate is lower/higher*

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