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How to set up pricing: Standardized

Standardized pricing (flat rate) is great for streamlining and simplifying your business process
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We have 2 ways that you can officially price (you can send custom Invoices outside of that): Hourly and Standardized

'Base Price', 'Per Bedroom', 'Per Bathroom' products in Pricing will serve as a defaults for all recurring subscription types that we offer: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly

You can change the 'Base Price', 'Per Bedroom', 'Per Bathroom' for each subscription by clicking into the subscription you want to edit

The Base Price for your services won't be shown to your customers
Your One Time Cleaning price for a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom home will be made up from your Base price, Per bedroom price, and Per bathroom price

For example:

  • Your per Bathroom rate is $13
  • Your per Bedroom rate is $13
  • Your Daily Cleaning Base Price is $90.00
  • Total rate is $116.00 ($13 + $13 + $90)

All standardized pricing will be reflected on your checkout page

Need help with pricing for Standardized pricing? Send us an email - we'll help: help@maidily.com

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