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How to set up pricing: Standardized

Set up Standardized pricing and Subscriptions - jump in here to learn what that means
Written by Mony
Updated 5 months ago

We have 2 ways that you can officially price (you can send custom Invoices outside of that): Hourly and Standardized

Make sure to set up your per Bedroom and per Bathroom pricing! 

'Base Price' in Pricing will serve as a default base price for all Recurring subscription types that we offer: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly

You can change the Base Price for each subscription by clicking into the subscription you want to edit and changing the default Base Price:

The Base Price for your services won't be shown to your customers.

The Total Net Price will show you the total price for that subscription for a 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom home.

For example:

  • Your per Bathroom rate is $13
  • Your per Bedroom rate is $13
  • Your Daily Cleaning Base Price is $90.00
  • The Total Net Price is $116.00 ($13 + $13 + $90)

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