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Creating extras and standardized pricing

Learn how to use subscriptions, how to create extras and how to use standardized pricing
Written by Mony
Updated 2 months ago

Watch the video below to learn how to create products and set pricing. Setting up and activating 4 main Products is a requirement for creating Customers/Jobs.

All fields need to be filled out for the following Products:

  1. One time cleaning needs to be Activated (pricing cannot be edited)
  2. Per Bedroom needs to be Activated with a price set
  3. Per Bathroom
  4. Base Price

    We have a Standardized Pricing methodology which includes setting a Base Price for your service (customers won't see this if you choose to integrate our automated booking form and checkout for customers to use) and setting up pricing for our Per Bedroom and Per Bathroom products - this will determine the cost of a One time cleaning for your business.

How to set up products and pricing

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