How to set up pricing: Hourly

Hourly pricing will allow you to price by the hour for jobs and how to set/adjust the job duration
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We have 2 ways that you can officially price: Hourly and Standardized

You will be required to choose a pricing type each time you 1st create a job

Hourly pricing basics:

Changing your company's default hourly rate can be done in Settings -> Hourly. This number will be used to calculate totals for every job (you can edit the hourly rate on the job itself).

  • A default amount (40.00) will already be in place
  • Click into Pricing -> Hourly

  • Your 'Company Hourly Rate' will be used as a default for every job
  • You can edit the default hourly rate for each job
  • Click on 'Edit Job'

  • Edit the hours by changing the 'Hourly Rate' field

  • All hourly pricing will be reflected on the online booking page

Adjusting/setting the job duration:

The job duration will determine the total price for the job. You can manually adjust the job duration as an administrator/manager.

The Start/Stop timer is available as buttons (not editable) to technicians to clock in/out with for work in our mobile app and laptop/desktop view.
This is used to determine technician's pay if they are hourly.

App example of Start/Stop timer section for technician:

  • As an administrator/manager you can change the job duration by adjusting the Start and Stop time

  • The job duration is reflected here


  • Base price and room pricing will have no impact on pricing
  • You can still choose to select Extras
  • You can still choose to select Square feet/meter ranges

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