Setting operating days and hours

Learn how to set your company's operating days and hours
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You can set your company's open and close times for every day of the week.

You can also choose which days you are open on and for which days you are closed on by toggling the Yes/No switch.

  • Yes = Open for business
  • No = Closed for business

How to set operating days/hours:

  • Click on the "Settings" icon in the top right (gear icon)
  • Click on the 'Operating hours' tab

  • Select the days of the week that you are open for business by toggling the Yes/No switch
    • This will also set the days that you will see in the "Scheduling" Calendar
  • Set your operating hours for each day by entering your open time and close time
    • This will determine the time shown on your calendar and also your scheduling blocks for jobs


  • The business is open Monday - Sunday. They have also set their Hours of Operation to 8:00am - 4:00pm for every day. 
  • This is what it looks like in the Scheduling view:


  • The last block of time in the above example represents the last hour: 3:00pm-4:00pm

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