Email reminders are not sending

Most common reasons your customers may not be receiving email reminders
Written by Mony
Updated 2 years ago

You can batch send email reminders through Scheduling or through individual jobs. You can also automate the sending of email reminders to your customers.

There are a few reasons why your customers may not have received the reminder:

1. The customer does not have an email address on their profile:

2. The customer's email is incorrect.

  • To fix this - update the customer's email address to the correct one
  • Go to the job you want to send the reminder for and click on 'Edit Job' 
  • Click 'Save' without making any changes at all - this will automatically update the customer's email address from their profile onto the job

3. The email went to the customer's Spam/Junk folder.

  • Please have them check the folders.

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