Missing charges for invoiced jobs

Are you missing an online payment for an invoiced job that you marked as paid?
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Updated 1 year ago
Manually setting an invoiced job (job status is 'Invoice sent') to 'Paid' will NOT result in a charge to the customer's card.

Sent invoices to customers must be paid by the customer with their card (Stripe/Square integration is required for online payment processing) in order for an actual card charge to occur.

Detailed breakdown:

  • If you send your customer an invoice the job status will change to 'Invoice sent'
  • If you manually set a job to 'Paid' AFTER sending the invoice your customer will NOT be charged - the system will notate the job total as received revenue (via cash/check)

  • In order to receive an online payment from your customer they have to pay the invoice that was sent to them online
  • Invoices paid online by your customers will automatically set the job status to 'Paid'

Once a customer pays an invoice online the card that they used to pay with will be saved for you to use in the future (for future services) - you MUST select the card in the job for it to be charged.
Once selected, the card will show under the 'Payment details' section of the job

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