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How to adjust Start/Stop time (job duration)

Learn how to adjust the job duration for a job by editing the Start/Stop times
Written by Mony
Updated 3 months ago

There are 2 ways you can edit the job duration:

  1. At job creation/edit
  2. Directly on the job details page

At job creation/edit

You can change the job duration at job creation/edit by  manipulating the 'Start timer' and 'Stop timer' fields

The 'Job Duration' time field will be automatically calculated based on the Start/Stop values

Once you save this will override the 'Job duration' set by technicians from pressing the Start/Stop timer buttons on the job page itself

Directly on the job details page

You manipulate the job duration directly on the Job details page from the Start/Stop fields

  • Set your job status to 'Scheduled' or 'In Progress' in order to have it open and for the 'Edit Job' job button to appear in the top right corner

Need helping adjusting your job duration for a specific job? Email us! We can brainstorm together: help@maidily.com

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