Creating a customer

Learn how to create a customer
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You can add a customer from:

  1. Customers
  2. 'Add job' button in Jobs
  3. 'New booking' button in Scheduling

How to create a customer from the Customers module:


  • Select ‘Add Customer’ button in top right corner

  • Input customer information
    • 'First name' is required
  • You can add credit/debit cards in the 'Payment info' section

  • Select ‘Save New Customer’ or 'Save & Create Job'

How to create a new customer from Jobs/Scheduling:

  • Click on “Add Job” within the Jobs module OR “New Booking” within the Scheduling module



  • Click the drop down arrow in “New Customer”

  • Enter customer info and proceed to filling out job details for customer
  • Click 'Save'


  • First name is the ONLY required field
  • You can ONLY add a credit/debit card to a customer when creating a customer from the Customers module
  • Customer information will automatically sync with your Stripe/Square account

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