Reschedule/cancel limitations for customer portal

Set a reschedule/cancel limit for your customer portal so you can avoid last minute reschedules/cancelations
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You can set a reschedule limit and/or a cancelation limit (in 'day(s)') to prevent your customers from making last minute changes or cancelations to their upcoming service through the customer portal.

The rescheduling/cancelation limit is based on the service date of the service

How to set a rescheduling/cancelation limit for the customer portal:

  • Click on Settings -> Booking forms & Communications -> Customer Portal

  • Set your rescheduling and/or cancelation limit by inputing the maximum # of days you would allow a customer to reschedule or cancel their upcoming booking

  • Click 'Save'
Setting a rescheduling and/or cancelation limit will prevent your customers from making last minute changes to their upcoming service

What your customers will see in their customer portal:

A customer trying to reschedule a service past the limit

A customer trying to cancel a service past the limit


  • If you do not set a limit you risk having customers cancel or change their booking details last minute

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