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Let your customers manage their bookings through your customer portal
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You can invite your customers to our customer portal directly from their Customer Details Page:

An email with an invite to the portal will be sent to their main customer email (the one displayed):

Customers will also be invited to create an account if they book through your website using our checkout page. There will be an invitation at the bottom of the booking confirmation email

They will be prompted to create an account by setting up a password:

  • The customer portal is automatically branded with your logo and/or business name

Once logged in customers will be able to:

  • View their Past and Upcoming bookings
  • Create new bookings
  • Update payment information
  • Add another payment form
  • Cancel bookings
  • Reschedule bookings
  • Update their address
  • Add an address

Your customers can click into the menu section on the right hand side of the booking to edit and pick from the options there:

Edits will be made from the pop out drawer - similar to the one below:

Changing your address and credit card from customer portal:

Customers can update credit cards and address details by clicking 'My Profile':

Updating job notes from the customer portal:

Your customers can add and update the notes for bookings through the customer portal.

  • Click on the booking you wish to update the notes for
  • Edit/enter notes for the booking

Your company specific customer portal link:

To see your company's portal link in Maidily navigate to: Settings -> Booking forms & Communications -> Customer portal:

  • You can use this link to create a button on your website and hyperlink it to the portal for customers to directly log in

  • To edit your link click into the area to the left of /sign-in

You can NOT edit the URL parts that are to the left and right of the customizable area
  • Make sure to click 'Save' below that

Customer portal notifications:

  • You will receive a booking confirmation email if a customer schedules a job through portal
  • You will receive a cancelation email if a customer cancels a job through portal
  • You will receive a reschedule email (not in our templates library) if a customer reschedules the job - the email will contain the old date and time of the previously scheduled job


  • Availability showing in the portal for new bookings will reflect availability that shows up for customers on the booking page
  • Customers can change their card on file (add/delete) directly from the portal
  • Customers are able to reset their passwords from the portal login page
  • If a customer has not created a portal account they will not be able to log in

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