How to add tips

Let your customers add a tip or manually add one
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You can leave a tip for a job in any status.

There are 2 ways that tips can be added to jobs in Maidily. 

  • Customers can leave a tip by clicking 'Add a tip' on the email receipt they receive
  • You can manually add tips to a job
Tips will be split evenly for multiple technicians/teams being assigned to a job

How to manually add tips to a job:

Manually added tips AUTOMATICALLY charge the customer if there is a credit/debit card attached to the job
  • Click on 'Add tip' in top right corner in the job details

  • Fill out the tip amount in the pop up

  • Click 'Confirm' 
  • The tip will appear in the right hand Payment details box

Customers will AUTOMATICALLY receive a receipt via email

How customers can leave a tip from the email receipt:

Stripe/Square integration is REQUIRED
  • Make sure an email receipt is sent to the customer
  • Customers can click on 'ADD TIP' at the bottom of the receipt email

  • The customer will automatically receive a new receipt via email with the tip amount
Added tips will AUTOMATICALLY charge the customer


  • Tips will be split evenly among 'Teams'
  • You can edit the tip amount at any time
  • Tips will go directly into the payroll of the cleaners in the Payroll reporting as a separate line item

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