Assigning jobs

Learn how to assign jobs to cleaners
Written by Mony
Updated 7 months ago

You can assign jobs to cleaners from 2 places:

  • Scheduling
  • Jobs

In Scheduling:

Click on the 'Assign' icon on the job:

Select a technician/team from the pop up:

*If you have chosen a color for your cleaner/team then the job block will change to that color.

In Jobs:

You can assign the job to a cleaner/team when you are creating, editing, or directly from the Job Details screen.

1. Assigning directly from Job:

Click on 'Assign technician/team'

Select technician/team from pop up:

2. Assigning directly at job Create:

When you create a new job you'll have the chance to assign a technician/team from the job create drawer:

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