How to create a team

Learn how to create a team
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There are 3 ways you can create a team.

A maximum of 6 technicians can be assigned to 1 team

Below we will cover how to create a team in 2 different ways + where to check team analytics:

  • From technician's module
  • Roster section in Scheduling view
  • Checking analytics

Create teams from the technician's module:

  • A team name is required:

  • Select a color for your team

Colors will be displayed in the Scheduling view blocks
  • Select the technicians you would like to include
  • Click 'Confirm'

Create teams from the roster section in scheduling (drag and drop):

  • Scroll down to the 'Roster' section in Scheduling view
  • Click and hold on the person you want to drag into an existing or new team

  • Drag and let go to add them to a team or create a new team
You can drag and drop people in AND out of teams by click their avatar icon in a team and dragging them OUT

Where to check your teams analytics:

You can check the stats for the team by clicking into the Team and going to the Team detail page

  • In the technician module scroll down to the teams section

  • Select the team you want to view the analytics for
  • You will see the analytics at the top


  • Creating teams is dependent on the availability of all technicians
  • The team's individual contact details will be shown - listed out - at the bottom of the cleaning reminder email

  • If 1 tech is not available on a team, the team will still be able to be assigned to jobs

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