Requesting time off (PTO)

Learn how to request and block days off for managers and cleaners
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If you are an administrator you will be able to automatically submit requests on behalf of anyone and they will automatically be approved.

If you are a technician or manager you will have select an approver from the dropdown user selection to approve/reject your request.

The requester will receive email notifications about their request - it will contain a few pieces of information:

  • Whether the request is 'Approved' or 'Rejected'
  • Approved/Rejected by User
  • Date range for time off
  • Time off reason
  • Company name

The approver will receive email notifications about submitted requests to them - it will contain a few pieces of information:

  • The 'requested by' User
  • The dates for the time off request
  • The reason
  • Approve/Reject buttons

Here's how to submit a time off request:

  • Click the arrow to view your profile
  • Click on "View Profile"

  • Scroll down and click "Start a new request"

  • Fill out all necessary fields
  • Then click "Submit request"

  • If the request is 'Approved' it will appear here at the top along with the status of your request
  • When your request has been approved, it will turn green

Your request will also appear here:

  • Click on "Scheduling"

Then you will see your request appear as well:

Administrators/Techs/Managers can use the Maidily app to request time off as well

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