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How to add a tip

If you do a good job you should get a tip! Learn how to add tips to jobs or have your customers leave one.
Written by Mony
Updated 1 year ago

We've made this super easy! Even your customers can leave a tip through their receipt - a Maidily account and Stripe integration are REQUIRED for that.

You can manually add tips inside of Maidily directly on the job:

The tip will appear in the right hand Payment details box:

Or - customers can leave a tip directly from their receipt (Stripe connection required):

Once a customers adds a tip from their original receipt, the job total will update and they will be sent another, new receipt with the tip included.

Things to consider:

  • Tips will be split evenly among 'Teams'
  • You can edit the tip amount at any time
  • Tips will go directly into the payroll of the cleaners in the Payroll reporting as a separate line item

Still having problems?

We have the solutions: help@maidily.com - don't be afraid to check in on us.

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