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How to manually charge customers

Learn how to collect money by manually charging customer through jobs
Written by Mony
Updated 1 week ago

Charging customers is easy! You can do it manually or automatically.

Manually charging customers

  • From the Customer page view select the Job which you want to charge for

  •  In the Job details page click into the Job status drop down menu and select the correct Job statuses - as the job progresses through completion.

  • Once ready to charge select 'Completed' from the Job status menu
  • Then click on the 'Charge' button in the top right corner

  • Once the Job is charged the Job status will be set to 'Paid'
  • 'Paid' jobs are locked and cannot be edited

Need help figuring out how to 'Complete' a job? Send us an email at help@maidily.com

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