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Creating a technician user

Learn how to create a cleaner in Maidily
Written by Mony
Updated 1 month ago

Technicians are Users that can be created from Technicians function on the left hand side panel or from Settings -> Users

Here is how to create a technician from from the Technician function on the left hand side panel in Maidily

1. Click on the Technicians icon on the left hand side panel

2. Click on “Add Technician” at the top right

3. Fill out all of the required fields (make sure to choose a color) - colors are reflected in Scheduling

4. Username, password, and email are required fields
    a. The username and password set here will be the tech's login information (they can also log into our app with their password and username)

Download the Maidily app:

Need help with creating a tech? Shoot us a question at help@maidily.com

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