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Create custom cleaning (service) types

You can create custom cleaning (service) types to force customers to choose from when booking
Written by Mony
Updated 11 months ago

You can create custom service types that and associated pricing with them either in a % format or a $ format. 

  • The service type price will be added into the total before any Extras, discounts, coupons, additional charges, or taxes are taken into account.
  • This can be used in addition with any other way of pricing
  • We have created a $0.00, 'Standard Cleaning' service type as a default in Maidily for you (cannot delete)

Here's how to add more service types:

  • Click into the 'Pricing' module
  • Click on Add Service Type

  • Fill out the fields

  • Click 'Save'
  • Here's how it looks on our booking form (required field when booking)

  • You can find the details of the 'Service Type' in the Job details page

Need help? We'll leave this right here: help@maidily.com

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