Pricing basics

Learn the basics of all of the products that exist in the Pricing module
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There are 6 tabs in 'Pricing'

  1. Products: 24 different products (Base price, Per Bedroom, Per Half Bathroom, Per bathroom, One Time Cleaning, Tax, etc)
  2. Extras: 11 different extras (inside of Oven, Microwave, Fridge, etc - learn how to create Extras)
  3. Square feet/meter ranges: 4 ranges (learn how to create Square feet/meter ranges)
  4. Service Type: 1 service type (learn how to create Service types)
  5. Hourly: Company hourly rate default
  6. Custom Line Items

Pricing changes are reflected live on our checkout/booking page

1. Products Tab

The products tab is broken down into Base Price, Rooms, Subscriptions, and Tax

Base Price:

If you are pricing using a Standardized method you can set your default Base Price - the base at which you start charging for cleanings from.

Room costs are NOT included 

Base price is factored into the calculation for Standardized pricing:

Base price + any rooms with pricing = One time cleaning

Base Price Pricing:

The Base price you set from the Product list view page will be defaulted through out all one time and recurring subscriptions (Weekly, Monthly, Every 4 Weeks, etc.)

You can change the 'Base price' by editing the subscriptions themselves for more pricing control

Base price is NOT visible to customers - it is only for internal use


Set your per room pricing for every all available rooms that you would like to use to calculate price.

If a room is set to 'Inactive' it will NOT show up anywhere in Maidily or on the booking page

Rooms pricing:

  • You can individually set up your pricing for each active room product within each subscription


  • Our one time and recurring subscriptions can be found under the Products tab in Pricing: Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Quarterly, Every 3 Weeks, Every 4 Weeks, Every 6 Weeks, Every 8 Weeks
  • Jobs that are recurring and one time services will automatically show up in Scheduling

Subscription pricing (one time and recurring ones):

Edit the pricing of each subscription by changing the default values for Base Price, Per Bedroom, Per Bathroom pricing.

Adding a discount will impact the price.

The Price field is the total price for your service. The price for every subscription is based on 4 things:

  1. Base Price (defaulted from the main Product page)
  2. Per Bedroom (defaulted from the main Product page)
  3. Per Bathroom (defaulted from the main Product page)
  4. Discount

The Base Price in each subscription will be defaulted from the Base Price in the main Products tab.
You can separately change the Base Price for each subscription

Example of pricing:

  • Subscription: Monthly
  • Base price: $75
  • Per bedroom: $13
  • Per bathroom: $13
  • Discount: 10%

Price: $90.90

This will be reflected on the booking calculator, booking page, and in Maidily. So when 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and Monthly is selected the total will be $90.90 (with 10% off).

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    2. Extras Tab

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    Extras, or add-ons, can be created and offered to customers to choose from in addition to the standard cleaning of the home

    • Extras can be manually chosen at job creation or on job edit
    • They are also synced with the booking page for customers to be able to book and include any Extras that are available to them
    Extras MUST have the Active field be set to 'Yes' in order to be used

    • Extras with the choice of multiple quantities can be created by setting the 'Multiple quantity' field to 'Yes' and specifying the quantity

        • Choose to show or not show the Extras on the booking page by toggling 'Yes/No' from the 'Show on checkout page?' dropdown field

    Square Feet/Meter Ranges Tab

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    You can use the defaulted square feet/meter ranges created in Maidily or you can create your own.

    In order to be in use the ranges MUST be set to active by selecting 'Yes' for the Active field

    You can choose whether to show the sq/ft/m ranges on the booking page by select 'Yes' for the 'Show on checkout page?' field

    Booking page preview:

    Square feet/meter range pricing:

    You can set a Price for the ranges that will be included in calculating the total price of the service when a job is created

    • You can offer pricing only by square feet/meter ranges only if you deactivate the base price and room (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen) products or set them to $0 (no price impact)

    Example of pricing:

    • Subscription: Monthly
    • Base price: $75
    • Per bedroom: $13
    • Per bathroom: $13
    • 501-1000 sq/ft: $50
    • Discount: 10%

    Price: $135.90

    Hourly Tab

    Set your company's default hourly rate that will be applied to all created jobs automatically but can be changed for each job.

    The system comes with a preset default hourly rate.

    Hourly pricing can be chosen at job creation by changing the 'Pricing type' field to Hourly when creating a job

    Hourly pricing

    • Base price pricing is NOT added to the hourly pricing service cost
    • Room pricing is NOT added to the hourly pricing service cost
    • Individual subscription pricing is NOT added to the hourly pricing service cost

    Extras are still counted towards the price of a service

    Discounts for the subscriptions will count towards the final service price

    Pricing is complex! That's ok, we can help you find your right price!

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