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Learn how to set up job estimation for your booking form
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The estimated working hours number is a summary based on what is entered for the bedrooms, bathrooms, square ft/m ranges, and service type products.

'Job estimation' MUST be turned 'On' from Settings -> General for job estimation to show up on the booking form and work properly

How to turn on job estimation:

  • You can turn on 'Job estimation' from Settings -> General -> Job estimation

  • Estimated working hours will show up on the booking form in the 'Estimated Job Duration' section

The field 'Working Time' will only show up for hourly pricing on the booking form
  • You can set up working estimates for the following products in 'Pricing':
    • Per bedroom
    • Per bathroom
    • Extras
    • Service types
    • Square feet/meter ranges

How to set up the estimated working hours (in minutes) per product:

  • Navigate to Pricing -> clicking into the relevant product -> Estimated working time (in minutes)

  • Estimated working time will directly translate into the job duration field for the job:

  • Since estimated working hours automatically translates into job duration the jobs will automatically be placed on the calendar for the appropriate total job duration

If your account is set to Hourly pricing instead of Standardized pricing:

  • The estimated working time will be calculated based on how many hours a customer books for
  • Estimated time working time will also include any estimates entered for:
    • Per bedroom
    • Per bathroom
    • Extras
    • Service types
    • Square ft/m ranges
Any additional extras chosen, or service types, or rooms that have additional estimated working time WILL be added to the total hours

  • The field 'Working Time' will show the chosen hours to be worked
  • The field 'Estimated Additional Working Time' will show the additional hours that have been calculated by choosing additional items that may have estimated working hours attached to them (ex: extras, different service types, more rooms)
  • The total hours the job will be booked for is the sum of both the 'Working time' and 'Estimated Additional Working Time' fields


  • Job estimation is best used for Standardized pricing
  • Jobs created with job estimation on will create and place jobs in Scheduling based the total job duration not the arrival time and this will impact availability
  • Products that do not have the field 'Estimated working time (in minutes)' will not be included in job estimation calculations
  • Using job estimation while charging by the hour could lead to accruing additional working hours being added while a customer is booking online

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