Creating extras

Learn how to create extras through our pricing module
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Creating Extras

  1. Click on the Pricing icon on the left side
  2. In the top right of the page click on the “Add Extra” button
  3. Upload a photo (will be displayed for online checkout) - not required
  4. Add the title for the Extra
  5. Add a description of the Extra
  6. Add the price of the Extra
  7. Set to “Active” in order to display
  8. If there is a multiple of this Product select “Yes” on Multiple Qty
  9. If Multiple Qty is set to “Yes” determine how many
  10. Click “Save” button at the bottom right
  • Maidily comes standard with 11 “Extras” that will be offered at the checkout process. If they are set to “Active” they will show on the on the checkout form. 
  • Use Per Bedroom and Per Bathroom to set your pricing for each. Use the Base Pricing to determine a set amount you want to charge and start from in order to get a price for a Onetime cleaning.
  • Learn how to require certain extras at checkout based on the chosen subscription

Do you need help with adding extras? Send us an email at

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