Require extras at checkout based on frequency

Learn how to require extras at checkout based on the chosen cleaning frequency
Written by Mony
Updated 1 month ago

You can require any Extras that you have created based on the frequency for the service chosen by the customer at the checkout page. 

Embedding our booking page on your website is required for this to be used/viewed by your customers

Here's how to require Extras at the checkout page:

1. Click on the Product you would like to require an extra for in 'Pricing'

2. From the 'Select required Extras' field choose your extras

  • You can multiple Extras at once

3. Click on 'Save changes'

At checkout your customers will now have required extras auto selected for them based on your set up here.

Things to consider:

  • When that specific Subscription is chosen at checkout by a customer (example: Bi-Weekly Cleaning) the required extra or extras will automatically be selected at checkout and added to the total
  • Customer will not have the ability to deselect required extras at checkout

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