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Learn how to set up and send text notifications to your customers (free)
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You can send text notifications to your customers through Maidily for FREE - on ANY plan! You can only choose a number once.

Localized numbers are NOT available in the UK, Ireland, and Australia.
Localized numbers are ONLY available in the US and Canada.

Text notifications that can be sent through Maidily:

  • Pay reminder text
  • Job reminder text
  • Receipt text
  • ETA text
Text message notifications require you to select a phone number from our Text Message Gateway section in Settings -> Integrations

Choosing a number:

  • Navigate to Settings -> integrations -> Text Message Notifications

  • Choose a phone number from our list of numbers (its free)

We cannot provide ANY customized number, you can ONLY choose from the numbers in the list displaying your account.
  • Once chosen you will see confirmation

You are able to select a phone number per each business location (multiple locations)

Disconnecting a phone number:

  • Click on 'Disconnect number' in the Text Message Gateway integration

Need helping choosing your phone number? Email us at help@maidily.com for 24/7 support

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