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Creating & assigning Teams to jobs

Learn how to assign multiple cleaners/maids to a job by creating a Team
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You can create a Team from Jobs in the 'Assign tech/team' button or from Technicians (scroll down to the Teams section).

You can check the stats on the team by clicking into the Team and going to the Team detail page.

See how you can assign cleaners/teams to jobs by dragging and dropping in Day View

You can create teams in 2 different ways:

  • From the Technicians 
  • From Scheduling (drag and drop) 

Create Teams from Technicians:

A team name is required:

Confirm and you're all set!

Create Teams from Scheduling (drag and drop):

Click and hold on the person you want to drag into an existing or new team:

Drag and let go to add them to a team or create a new team

*You can drag and drop people in AND out of teams by click their icon in a team and dragging them OUT

Choosing the Team color:

Make sure to pick a color for the Team by editing the Team.

Colors will be displayed in Scheduling views


To assign a cleaner/team to a job just click on the job and then click on 'Assign maid/team'

Then choose from the available technician/teams (if available):

Click save!

Check the stats:

Click on the Team from the Technician profile to open up the Team detail page and check their stats!

Job assignment email format:

Job assignment emails will be sent to every Team member. The Team name will be displayed in the email greeting.

In the customer reminder emails the team contact details will show by individually listing out each team members name and email at the bottom of the email:

Do you need more help with the job assignment email? Email us for support at help@maidily.com

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