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Setting up pricing

Learn how to set up your pricing for jobs
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Maidily has 5 categories in the Pricing module that come preloaded with data:

Pricing changes are reflected live on our checkout/booking page

Products tab

Recurring Subscriptions

  • Our recurring subscriptions can be found under the Products tab in Pricing: Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Quarterly, Every 3 Weeks, Every 4 Weeks, Every 6 Weeks, Every 8 Weeks
  • Subscription based frequencies sync with your Scheduling with the Jobs auto-populating within Scheduling if it is a recurring cleaning
  • Subscription show up on the Booking Calculator Form and at Checkout form and if active on your website it will allow customers to choose from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the frequency of the cleaning 

Pricing your subscriptions

You can edit the pricing for EACH individual subscription type that you want to use (just make sure its 'Active') - you can see the total price of that subscription through our Total Net Price field, here's what that field takes into account for its calculation:

*Total Net Price will include your per Bedroom and per Bathroom prices to show the total cleaning price for the Subscription you have chosen (ex. Daily cleaning for a 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom home is $88.83)*

The Base Price in each subscription will be defaulted based on what you put into the Base Price product. You can change the Base Price on each available subscription. This gives you much more control over how you price.

Base Price Product

If you are pricing using a Standardized method you can set your default Base Price - the base at which you start charging for cleanings from - bedroom and bathroom costs not included - by clicking on Base Price and setting a price.

Base price + Per bedroom price + Per bathroom price = One time Cleaning price (for a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom home)

So for example: If your Base Price is $70 and your Per Bedroom cost is $15 and your Per Bathroom cost is $20, your One time cleaning price for a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom home will be $105.00 ($70+$20+$15).

The Base price you set here will be defaulted through out all recurring subscriptions (Weekly, Monthly, Every 4 Weeks, etc.)
You can change the 'Base price' by editing the subscriptions themselves for more pricing control:

Per Bedroom/Bathroom (used along with Base Price)

You can set your 'Per bedroom' and 'Per bathroom' pricing as a default that will be loaded into every subscription by filling out the 'Per bedroom' and 'Per bathroom' pricing products directly at the top:

You can individually set up your pricing for your 'Per bedroom' and 'Per bathroom' products within each subscription:

Each subscription's 'Rate' (total price) will be calculated by Base price, Per bedroom, Per bathroom pricing, and any included 'Discount'

Extras tab


Learn how to create/edit Extras

  • Extras can be created and offered to customers to choose from in addition to the standard cleaning of the home.
  • Extras can be manually chosen at job creation or on job edit
  • They are also synced with the Checkout form if you have online checkout available and set up for customers to be able to book a cleaning and include any Extras that are available to them (must be set to “Active” status)
  • Multiple Quantity can be added for more than 1 Extra to be done, such as: Windows, Blinds, Laundry Loads, Carpet Cleaning

Hourly Tab

Hourly pricing

The Hourly settings in Pricing (Hourly tab) only works if you switch your pricing from Standardized pricing to Hourly pricing

You can still use Extras with Hourly pricing but there will be no price associated with Bedrooms, Bathrooms, or Base Price since you will be charging by the hour
Your subscriptions will not have a price associated with them
You will however have the ability to add discounts to the reoccurring subscriptions should you want to do so
Switching to Hourly pricing also changes your booking forms to reflect hourly pricing

Pricing is complex! That's ok, we can help you find your right price!

Email us for help: help@maidily.com

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